Medical bandage classification, application and selection and matters needing attention



  (1)medical bandage classification:medical bandage branch cotton gauze bandage and elastic bandage two.

  (2)medical bandage use:either a gauze bandage or elastic bandage,the main purpose is to bind or fixed.

  ①cotton gauze bandage:mainly used for hospital and family in vitro wound dressing after dressing,fixed.

  The elastic bandage:mainly used for varicose vein of lower limb,orthopedic patients with retention dressings,to improve blood circulation,prevent limb swelling.It can replace operation after the many-headed bellyband,used in different parts of the human body pressure bandaging or general wound dressing.

  (3)medical bandage to purchase and use of attention:①generally to non sterilization of medical products for sale.If the use of medical bandage to the wound site,should be considered and wound isolation using;②purchase medical bandage to see the appearance of products.The product should be white,without macular,no pollution,no serious defects or broken wire.