Medical gauze to buy and use matters needing attention



  (1)the first look at the product packaging and product specifications:finished in general there are two ways,one is non sterile manner,the other is a sterile manner.Requirements of product specifications or packaging products that are sterile or non-sterile fashion factory.

  (2)the aseptic packaging of medical gauze can be used directly,with an aseptic packing gauze must be approved by the high temperature and high pressure steam or ethylene oxide sterilization before using the method.

  (3)for the aseptic packaging of medical gauze,packing and marking must specify valid period,date or batch production,packing damage disable or logo,disposable use or prohibit again use the logo.As revealed by packing damage or over the period of validity,is no longer the purchase or use.

  (4)the purchase of medical gauze is to look at the appearance of products.The product should be soft,odorless,tasteless,white color,does not contain other fibers and processing the material,under UV light should not showing strong blue fluorescence.